Saturday, February 28, 2015

Back at it (an errors in the plans)

Four hours of work at last today. We cleaned the vaka side panels and checked that everything is ready for glue from the stem to the transom. Here's a view of the dry-fit hull. Next time we'll glue up everything.

We discovered though that the mid height floor dimensions are way off everywhere and I do not understand how those numbers came out. One thing is for sure: those panels would never fit into the boat if they're cut as specified on the plans: the forward panel is 2 inches (5 cm) too short, so we'll have to extend it with a butt block underneath; the center panel is too wide at the bulkheads, and too long; the aft piece is too long. So, if one of our readers is tackling the project now, we strongly advise him to take the measurements from the hull. DO NOT use the dimensions given on the plans. I'll notify this to John Marples. Also, the suggestion to cut the side panels butt blocks 12 mm short is very unpractical. It is much better to cut proper recesses of the floor panels, since there's plenty of support everywhere else.

Total work time to date: 254 hours

Saturday, February 21, 2015


We won't be working this week end because I got a bad cold. I should realize that the temperature drops in the evening with respect to the morning, and riding my motobike at 2 degrees C isn't a good idea if I do not wear proper protection... anyway, I'll be perusing plans and instructions to decide whether to fiberglass or not.

BTW: there is indeed an error in the plans (drawing #4) regarding the longitudinal position of the daggerboard trunk (see post dated Feb. 9th). I notified this to John Marples who said that he will correct that on the plans. The correct distance is the one from the aft face of the forward bulkhead to the forward face of the daggerboard trunk.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Vaka bulkhead: coating the other side

Three hours this week end. We gave a double coat of resin to the other side of the vaka bulkheads. We also cut the central floor panel to the sizes taken from the dry assembled hull, and cleaned one of the main hull sides from epoxy runs with the sander and 60 grit.

Here's a view of the two vaka bulkheads after the first coat. The holes are there to allow air circulation below the floor level. On the drawings though one of the two bulkheads actually does not show a hole, so we checked with John Marples, who said that the hole is "optional"...

Total work time to date: 250 hours.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Coating the vaka bulkheads

Only three hours this week end. The temperature dropped to freezing values so working is somehow uncomfortable and resin takes ages to cure.
Anyway, we took measurements from the dry assembled hull to correct the shape of the floor which had been traced according to the plans. Turns out that only the width values at the bulkheads are wrong (by 2-3 cm) so we will streamline the panels a bit towards the bulkeads.
We then resin coated and filled the screw holes on one face of the vaka bulkheads, transom, false transom and stem. Next time we'll coat the other side.
We also found that the daggerboard trunk position is ambiguously reported on the plans so we're checking this with John Marples.

Total work time to date: 247 hours