Saturday, March 19, 2016

Vaka decks

It took five hours, but at last we did it. We glued both forward and rear deck on the vaka hull. We spent the morning preparing everything: we sanded and cleaned the surfaces to be glued and prebored the screw holes. After lunch we inserted and tightened the 8 bolts for the aka blocks, bedding each one in 3M4200.
Finally, we prepared about 800 grams of thickened resin and glued the two decks using the marks which we had previously scribed on the hull.

Total work time to date: 405 hours

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Paint test; appendages

Five hours this weekend between friday and today. First, we coated the bow and stern lockers with a two part epoxy primer. Very smelly stuff... The color of this primer is also quite strange

Waiting for the primer to dry, we started to work on shaping the centerboard. I had already cut several "guide" grooves whose position and depth is given by a NACA profile

Today we painted the interior of the lockers with a two part polyurethane white paint. This is very smelly too, plus it is not that pleasant to apply. I'm not enthousiastic about this stuff. I hope it will set properly but most probably we'll use other kind of paints for the rest of the boat.

Total work time to date: 400 hours.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Fairing/finish rehearsing

We've decided to rehearse a fairing/finish schedule on the parts of the main hull wich will be completely decked (bow and stern lockers). So, the last two saturdays we worked 4 hours to sand down the tape edges and other asperities.
We also prepared and squeegeed some fairing putty to see how it works. We'll then prime bow and stern lockers with an epoxy primer and paint with poliurethane paint in order to verify the results before painting the visible parts of the boat.

Total work time to date: 395 hours