Tuesday, July 21, 2015

FG taping the soles (2)

Three more hours between sunday night and tonight. It's VERY hot here these days and working with resin and fiberglass is very uncomfortable both in daytime (due to the heat) and in nighttime due to the mosquitos. Anyway, we FG taped the rear sole. We tried another filler called Microballs but the putty comes out dark gray and is quite coarse. Anyway, no big deal. Here's a pic

Total work time to date: 310 hours

Sunday, July 19, 2015

FG taping the soles

Last night Cinzia filled the screw holes in the soles with resin. Today we started the FG taping of the soles, beginning with the forward one. We first prepared the surface for bonding with #50 grit sandpaper, and then cleaned everything with a vacuum cleaner and then a rag wetted with water and alcohol. We then  prepared a putty with resin thickened with microspheres and some cabosil, which was spread along the sole/hull corner using a 5 cm diameter plastic ball to make a fillet. At the end, the 10 cm FG tape was put over the fillet. About 4 m of tape were used. Here's a pic

Total work time to date: 307 hours

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Central sole glued

Two more hours and more than half a liter of thickened resin to glue the central sole. This is larger and heavier of the other two sole panels, mainly due to the daggerboard trunk glued to the underside. We made a rudimental crane to lower the panel down, which surprisingly enough worked properly. Here's a pic with the milestone beer.

Total work time to date: 304 hours

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Rear sole glued

After an idle period of two weeks here we are again. Two hours today to glue the rear sole with the usual technique. We also swapped the two floats on the cradles, so we had to take the main hull out.
Here's a pic that shows the main hull in all its glory

and here is how it looks like from the second floor

Total work time to date: 302 hours