Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fairing the blades (4)

We're back after a quite busy period, mostly due to a conference in Germany which resulted in two lost (boatwise) weekends. Last saturday we were ready to glass the blades after a lot of sanding, which resulted in fairly nice shapes

However, we discovered that the trailing edges of both blades are too sharp to wrap wet fiberglass around them. To be honest, the plans recommend to make the trailing edge pencil-thick and round it, but I overlooked the recommendations. So we will probably increase the thickness of the trailing sides with 3 mm thick plywood or veneer glued on each side, and will fair again before fiberglassing... oh well

Total work time to date: 497 hours

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Fairing the blades (3)

Two more hours to work on the blades. Spread some putty on the other side of the daggerboard,

and started to sand the rudder blade. This is hard and quite difficult work indeed..

Total work time to date: 494 hours

Fairing the blades (2)

This is a very busy period. We could only manage to work about one hour this morning to continue fairing of the blades with epoxy putty. Here are two pics. This is the daggerboard

and this is the rudder

Total work time to date: 492 hours