Sunday, June 19, 2016

Fiberglassing the amas (1)

Three hours to fiberglass one side of the first ama. We first sanded the side with 120 grit on the rotoorbital, in particular to feather the edge of the bottom fiberglass but also to take down drips and the like.

We then draped the 160 g/sq.m.FG on the side and cut it to size with scissors

 and then wetted out the FG in place with about 600 grams of epoxy spread out with a roller.

Total work time to date: 438 hours

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Rudder (1)

Three hours of work this week end. We finished the daggerboard (which is now ready for fiberglassing) and continued working on the rudder blade, which has a particular shape. Here it is:

After cutting the laminated plank to shape I started to use the power plane to give the blade a NACA profile. Here's how it looks now

Total work time to date: 435 hours

Sunday, June 5, 2016

More pics of the blades

Two more pics of the appendages as they look now. First is the daggerboard, almost ready for glassing and finish. This is a big and heavy daggerboard by the way: about 120 x 40 cm, 3.5 cm thick.

This is the rudder stock, which will have to be cut to shape, with the "NACA grooves" cut on both sides of the blade, ready for planing.

Shaping the appendages

Six hours of work between friday and saturday. At the end we have decided to cover everything with fiberglass so we had to order some more which has not arrived yet. Hence, this week end we worked mostly on the appendages (daggerboard and rudder blades).
Both are based on NACA profiles, based on which I cut guide grooves with the circular saw that I used as a guide to give the blade a proper shape, using the power planer, the orbital sander with a 40 grit disc, surforms and sanding pads. Here we are after a while

This is hard work, and produces a mountain of sawdust. The nice thing is that one can use the plywood layers like interference fringes in optical surface figuring :-)

Next pic shows Cinzia in the background finishing the daggerboard while the rudder blade is on the sawhorses.

Here are the NACA profile depths for the rudder blade

Total work time to date: 432 hours