Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Daggerboard and trunk

Four hours today in the shop. I first realized an idea I had to correctly streamline the daggerboard. Given thickness and width (35mm x 405 mm) I computed the relevant NACA profile on this web page:

and converted it in real world measurements

Then, using the circular saw, I made cuts following the table I had previously computed which gives distance from the board edge and depth. Those cuts will guide us when we'll start to remove wood wid the power plane.

I did the same on the opposite side but I'm sure I screwed up something because it's very easy to make mistakes when it comes to properly position the saw w.r.t. the edge. For instance one has to take into account the thickness of the blade when cutting on the leading side or on the trailing side. No big deal but I'll have to think about that.
I then scribed the protruding part of the daggerboard trunk using some scrap plywood.

Cutting that stuff though won't be very easy because there's no elbow room in the inverted hull, so we'll have to use a small hand saw and a lot of elbow grease.

Total work time to date: 322 hours

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Cockpit floor supports

Two hours today to glue and screw the supports for the cockpit floor stiffeners. I used S/S screws which are quite difficult to use because the Phillips bits eat the stainless steel very easily....

Next thing will be cutting the daggerboard trunk flush with the bottom level.

Total work time to date: 318 hours

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


The majority of Italians go on vacation in August. We are no exception: I spent the first week in France with my family, while Cinzia left two days ago and will stay away for three weeks. So I'll try to do something alone. Yesterday I spent one hour grinding away epoxy blobs to prepare the surfaces to glue and screw lateral supports for the cockpit floor stiffeners: pretty nasty job, but it was impossible to crawl under the hull while we were glueing the cockpit sole. No interesting photos to show...

Total work time to date:  316 hours

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Main hull turned

Today, with the help of our friend, colleague and fellow sailor Raffaele and my son Giovanni (who lives in Scotland) we were able to turn  the main hull. We first rolled the hull outside on the cradles, removed those, temporarily laid the hull on two blocks, and rolled it upside down by hand on the flat dollies.

Here's the rest of the turning crew after taking the cradles away

and here's the hull upside down on the dollies. It was easy to do with a crew of 4 but I think it could have been done by two men alone. I estimate the weight at about 60 kg.

Finally, here's the hull back in the shop. A few things will have to be done before putting the bottom panels on, like planing the daggerboard trunk flush with respect to the bottom level.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Dollies done

Two more hours today to finish the two flat wheeled dollies on which the main hull will stay upside down while putting the bottom on.

Total work time to date: 314 hours

Saturday, August 8, 2015

FG taping the soles: done

Two hours today to compete the fiberglass taping of the soles/hull corners, with the usual technique. We also taped the inner corners of the transom. Here's a pic showing the cockpit with the fillets done

and here's a view of the final result with the milestone beer

It's still hot here in southern Italy so one has to be fast when working with epoxy. I spent last week in vacation in northern France and the temperature there was 20 degrees Celsius cooler... By the way, the second 15 kg batch of epoxy is gone, so we hit the 30 kg mark today. We already have bought another batch of a different epoxy, slightly cheaper.
We've also cut out all the pieces for two more flat wheeled dollies to support the main hull upside down. We'll turn the hull next time (with some help I think) to glue up the bottom.

Total work time to date: 312 hours