Saturday, August 8, 2015

FG taping the soles: done

Two hours today to compete the fiberglass taping of the soles/hull corners, with the usual technique. We also taped the inner corners of the transom. Here's a pic showing the cockpit with the fillets done

and here's a view of the final result with the milestone beer

It's still hot here in southern Italy so one has to be fast when working with epoxy. I spent last week in vacation in northern France and the temperature there was 20 degrees Celsius cooler... By the way, the second 15 kg batch of epoxy is gone, so we hit the 30 kg mark today. We already have bought another batch of a different epoxy, slightly cheaper.
We've also cut out all the pieces for two more flat wheeled dollies to support the main hull upside down. We'll turn the hull next time (with some help I think) to glue up the bottom.

Total work time to date: 312 hours

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