Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cutting the deck (2nd ama)

Four hours this weekend, in which we scribed and cut the deck for the second ama, as well its butt blocks. We cut a 12 mm panel in two halves lengthwise, drilled the stud holes in the right place, and scribed the shape from underneath

We then cut the panel with the badass jigsaw

I also cut he two butt blocks (the distortion here is due to the perspective, luckily enough)

And here is the deck ready to glue

I also gave a first fairing to the deck stringers with the power plane.

Total work time to date: 209 hours

Friday, November 28, 2014

Coating the interior

Four hours in the last two days to give the ama interior two coats of resin, to glue the steel studs and the stem piece.

Here's a general view

Next will be fairing the deck stringers to get ready for glueing the deck panels.

Total work time to date: 205 hours

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Here we go again (second ama)

During the past week Cinzia worked a couple of hours to fair the first ama hull.This morning we swapped the two amas: the first one, done, has been put aside on sawhorses, while the second has been put on the cradles. The two of us can move the completed hull around quite easily. It probably weighs around 40 kg, but we haven't measured it.

Today we worked 4 hours (so we passed the 200 hours mark), mainly to draw, cut and glue (as usual, using microfiber thickened resin) the three bottom butt blocks, In this pic you can see the various weights that we've used to press the butt blocks down.

Total work time to date: 201 hours

Sunday, November 16, 2014

First ama almost done

Five hours of work today. First thing in the morning was removing the screws from the deck panel, using the soldering iron to heat the stuck ones. I then grabbed my power plane and started to fair the deck edges. Here's a pic showing the significant amount of sawdust produced

and here his the hull with the deck edges faired (not yet finished though)

We then filled the screw holes with resin

and glued the two 2-cm thick plywood pads to the deck (here's the aft one): the center hole of both pads is oversized with respect to the steel stud: it is filled with thickened resin to create a very hard support for the stud itself.

At the end of the day, here's the completed hull with the plastic hatch

Total work time to date: 195 hours.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

First deck glued, and some

Here we are again. We've been more active than what appears from this blog, even if we went on a business trip of almost two weeks in the USA between late October and early November, and I visited my son in Scotland the week before.

Today we worked about 4 hours to glue the deck on the first ama. It took more than 1 kg of microfiber-thickened resin, many screws (previously lubricated) and some final fairing. Here's a pic taken at the end of the day with the milestone beer. The deck looks quite fair and flat...

Here is Cinzia spreading the glue on the inner face of the forward deck this morning

and here is the situation at lunch time, with the forward deck glued up

In the previous weeks we spent about 7 hours on other things, like fairing the round pads

or cutting the deck for the porthole

Total work time to date: 190 hours.