Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Forward sole glued

Two hours today (hitting the 300 hours of work!) to glue the forward sole panel in the main hull. We first prepared the panel preboring 3 mm holes for the screws, sanding and cleaning the gluing surface

We then prepared about 400 grams of thickened resin which was spread on the gluing lines, and then screwed everything down.

Next time we will remove the screws, make a round fillet and FG tape the sole/hull corner all around.

Total work time to date: 300 hours!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Ready to glue the sole

Four hours of work today. It's getting hotter here in southern Italy, so a new fridge is mandatory now.
We worked with rasp, Surform and sandpaper to fair and round the daggerboard trunk edges at the sole (to be fair Cinzia did most of the work). Here's how it looked before

and here it is, almost done

We the covered the edge with fiberglass tape and resin. Going around the corners is not easy, but we trust much in fairing with putty...

We also filled the screw holes in the rudder plank, and we sanded and cleaned all sole supports in the main hull in preparation for the sole glueing session.

Total work time to date: 298 hours

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Cockpit sole, daggerboard trunk and rudder blade

Five hours of work today. We first cut to size the 3 sole stiffeners. Here's Cinzia sitting in the main hull and still smiling before being buried under the sole to check

Then, we glued the daggerboard trunk and the stiffeners to the low side of the sole, making epoxy fillets all around. This took quite a bit of measuring, checking, planing and the like.

We were so enthusiastic to work with epoxy that we decided to laminate the rudder blade (same thickness of the daggerboard)

Several clamps were used on the sole, so we had to use more sheetrock screws to squeeze everything together.The protruding part of the core layer will be cut flush when the resin sets.

Total work time to date: 294 hours

Monday, June 1, 2015

Coating, and daggerboard

Today many (including us) took a day off since tomorrow is a holiday in Italy (Republic Day). We call this "ponte" (literally "bridge"). So we could work 4 hours at the boat.

First, we cut the centerboard hole in the centrale sole panel.

We also gave two coats of resin to the other two sole panels and to the daggerboard trunk

We then laminated the centerboard plank from 3 layers of plywood (15-6-15 mm) glued with thickened resin. We used sheetrock screws to squeeze the sandwich along the central line, and a liberal amount of clamps all around.

Total work time to date: 289 hours