Sunday, September 18, 2016

Vaka fiberglassing (8)

Just a couple of hours this week to smooth the rough FG edges on the vaka. We the put the boat rightside up again. Here are the two proud builders. By the way, the cockpit floor did non collapse

Total work time to date: 491 hours

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Fiberglassing the vaka (7)

Five hours this week end, to prepare and fiberglass the port side of the vaka (main hull). We first faired the starboard side which we had fiberglassed the previous time 

We then cleaned the starboard side and turned the hull on the other side. It's getting heavier, but we could do that in a restricted space with no difficulties

We then prepared the side for fiberglassing, first sanding down fg edges and epoxy runs and then removing the dust and cleaning the surface with an alcool damp rag, and draped the fg cloth on it

More than one liter of epoxy was needed to laminate the fiberglass on the side.

Now all the three hulls are completely fiberglassed. We're getting there.. what's next?

Total work time to date: 489 hours

Monday, September 5, 2016

Fiberglassing the vaka (6)

Six hours of work between friday and sunday. We tilted the main hull (vaka) on a side to facilitate draping and subsequent wetting out of the fiberglass. However we first had to get rid of several epoxy drips and fair the deck and bottom fg edges.

We then wet out and simultaneously cut to size the fiberglass, using more than one kg of clear resin

Last evening we went to check everything and discovered a big (3 cm diameter) air bubble exactly on the side panel  butt joint, which was filled with resin and then squeezed with an improvised rig

Total work time to date: 484 hours