Monday, December 7, 2015

Decking the vaka (2)

Three more hours today to scribe and cut plywood. Here's a pic of the forward deck, roughly curt from 12 mm plywwod.

And here is the last plywood panel on the boat to scribe the rear deck. At this time we've used all available panels and can only use offcuts from now on (but we should be almost done by now...)

We then scribed and cut the two doublers

Here is a final view

Total work time to date:374 hours

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Decking the vaka (1)

Four hours yesterday (saturday) in which we started to work to glue the deck on the main hull (vaka).
We first planed the deck stringers flat mostly with the power planer and sanding board, checking the planarity with a straightedge.

We then scribed the shape of the forward deck on a 12 mm plywood panel

This deck has a particular shape since it protrudes about 12 cm past the gunwale from the stem back to the forward aka. These two "wings" are then doubled in thickness for the whole length. Here we are intent to draw a fair curve. Luckily enough Cinzia's mom is a seamstress so she has all the equipment to draw fancy shapes...

Total work time to date: 371 hours