Sunday, December 7, 2014

Second ama deck glued

Six hours this week end. We first cut the hatch hole on the deck panel.

We then faired the deck stringers on the hull with power plane, Surforms and sanding board, checking the planarity from time to time.

The round pads were faired and sanded, ready to be glued on the deck

At the end we glued the 12 mm deck (on which we had prebored the screw holes) on the hull, using 2.5 cm long screws on 15 cm centers. This required almost 1 kg of thickened resin. About 200 grams squeeze out from the joint on the outside and is cleaned right away, but probably the same amount squeezes out on the inside and will remain there forever since it's impossible to reach inside except around the hatch hole.

Total work time to date: 217 hours

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