Saturday, October 10, 2015

Main hull: rounding the chines

Two hours today to start rounding the chines of the vaka. The designer recommends to round to a radius of a billiard ball, i.e. about 3 cm. This means removing quite a lot of material from the chine. I used my old power plane set to remove about 1 mm on the first pass, and then finished with 0.5 mm.

Here's the starting situation on one of the chines

and here it is after the first pass (actually several passes). The final depth was such to almost reach the chine log underneath.

On the other chine, at the first butt block, some sparks and strange noises announced a forgotten screw, which I removed with a plier after digging some wood around and warming it up with the soldering iron.

After the power plane, I made a few passes with the long Surform. I produced a huge amount of sawdust

And here's the final result. We're not done yet: we still have to round it better and to fair evrything with the sanding board.

Total work time to date: 344 hours.


  1. I get in trouble a lot with my power plane :-) Small disk sander to knock the main edge off, then hand plane then power sander is my preferred order at the moment.

  2. I hear you. I have slowly learned to manage it or simple works. It saves a lot of time for sure!