Monday, February 15, 2016

Aka support blocks

Five hours of work between saturday and today, in which we glued the aka (beams) support blocks to the vaka (main hull). The instructions are not very clear on the sequence. The plans recommed to glue those blocks to the hull with thickened epoxy AND to fix them using 2 10 mm bolts for each. We will drill the holes after the glue is set.
 Here's a view of the forward blocks clamped to the hull, taken on sunday afternoon

and here is a view of the rear blocks clamped, while the clamps have been removed from the forward ones.

We also checked the planarity of the deck stringers and double coated a few parts in the hull which had been left uncoated. We're now ready to finally glue the deck on the vaka.

Total work time to date: 388 hours

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