Saturday, September 16, 2017

Deck seats (8), crush plates

Five hours today, so we hit the 600 hours mark!
This morning we both worked on the seat decks, rounding edges and grinding epoxy drips, using power plane, power sander, surforms, rasps and sandpaper. Hard work indeed.

In the afternoon, together with my friend Franco Toscano, who professionally builds high end astronomical telescopes in Matera, we built the sixteen "crush plates". Those are square (75 mm sided) pieces of 6 mm thick aluminum, and are supposed to work as washers on steroids. Four of them (with a 12 mm dia. central hole) are going on the outboard ends of the swing arms, where those are connected with the steel studs on the akas' decks. The other twelve will go here and there around 10 mm dia. bolts.

Total work time to date: 600 hours


  1. Quindi il telescopio lo metti a prua o a poppa? OK, ok scherzavo dai! :-D

  2. Lo metto al centro del pozzetto, nel punto in cui i movimenti sono minimi, e monto pure una cupola poggiandola sulle sedute laterali!

  3. Adesso capisco perché un trimarano!!