Monday, June 18, 2018

Painting the akas

We finally received the first 2.5 liter can of water based enamel. The RAL color is 7047 (light grey) and we'll use this for the akas, the decks, the cockpit and the blades. Given the small size of our workshop we cannot do everything in the same moment... We gave a light sanding with 240 grit and then rolled the paint. Here's a view of the top side of the akas after the second coat.

We also gave one more coat of clear resin to the false transom and the rudder blade.

We'll try to do small batches of work more frequently because the subsequent coats have to wait for 24 hours, and because we have to do the top side first, flip the piece when it's dry and then do the bottom.

Total work time to date: 655 hours

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