Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy new year, starting the main hull

Happy New Year! During the Christmas holidays we had an unusually cold weather, with the coldest night in the last 20 years (-8 degrees C) and about 15-20 cm of snow. Nevertheless we managed to work on the boat for a total of 8 hours in a few days. We completed the fairing/sanding of the two amas, set them apart and got started on the main hull. 

Here we are in the middle of the sanding session, for which we used the whole lot of tools from sanding blocks to a roto-orbital sander.

At the end, we took both amas outside for these photos that better show the real size of the hulls. Here's yours truly

and here's Cinzia, still smiling after the long sanding session

We then stacked the two amas on the side to make room for the main hull

We then took the two main hull sides which we had built on the flat out table a few months ago, and went back to the plans to freshen our memory on what to do next...

Total work time to date: 228 hours

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