Saturday, May 2, 2015

Daggerboard trunk glassing

May 1st is a holiday over here so we could work (a bit) also on friday morning. We spent 4 hours between friday and saturday to glue the trunk spacers and to glass both faces.

Here's Cinzia cutting the fiberglass cloth (160 grams per square meter) to size with special fiberglass scissors.

Here's the first side glassed. There's one single piece of fg going all the way from the top of one spacer to the top of the other. That's why the upper corner is rounded, while we made a fillet on the other. Other then glued, the trunk sides are also nailed to the spacers with bronze ring nails.

And here's the other side glassed as well. We also glued the extension to the forward sole (which as you know came out short due to an error in the plans).

Total work time to date: 274 hours.


  1. caspita! mi sembra una costruzione molto robusta..

  2. In effetti e' una barca robustissima e ovviamente non sara' una piuma. Aspetta di vedere le traverse...