Saturday, November 14, 2015

Waterline, fiberglass

Three hours today. We first used a laser level to strike a waterline on the hull. The are no offsets on the plans, so everything should be measured on the drawings (scale 1:12).

As already noted, the plans mention two waterlines, one at  28 cm and the other 36 cm (canoe body draft), but only the latter is drawn. That's the one that we marked on the hull.

We then went upstairs and used Cinzia's living room to draw the shape of the bottom on the fiberglass cloth. We'll laminate two layers which will cover the chines by 5 and 10 cm respectively. We tried to save as much cloth as possible optimizing the nesting.

And here are the two sheets ready to be laminated on the bottom.

 Total work time to date: 357 hours

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