Saturday, May 20, 2017

Three hulls, one trimaran

Six hours of work in the last two saturdays, messing around with diagonals and the like on the aka system. Once the beam system is on the boat, we had to convince ourselves that it's impossible to "close" it to better than, say, 1 cm. So, after much rimugination, today we decided to kill the scientists and to assemble the boat as it is. Well, it worked! Here's the whole boat

Of course it started to rain in perfect time, so we had to cover the beams (not yet fiberglassed) with plastic. Neverthless, we tested the retractable aka system with the real amas (floats) and it worked so well that we decided to open a VERY good bottle of prosecco to celebrate.

Total work time to date: 566 hours


  1. Conratulations Pippo&Cinzia! It's a crazy moment when you realize "I have a boat now"!

  2. Thanks Enrico. That's absolutely true: that's why we decided to open a bottle of prosecco instead of the usual "milestone beer".