Sunday, May 28, 2017

Glassing the akas

Five hours of work this weekend to continue glassing the akas with the usual 160 g/sq.m. cloth and epoxy resin. We glassed one side of the forward swing arms and both sides of the rear swing arms. Here's a pic taken on saturday morning by Daniele, a friend who came to visit us together with Mario shown here watching me and Cinzia working.

Here's a pic taken on saturday evening, showing all swing arms on sawhorses with one side glassed.

This afternoon we removed the fiberglass edges all around the planks using Surforms and then glassed the other side of the rear swing arms. Here they are with the FG cloth on, ready to be wet out (on the left you can see yours truly coming with the clear resin can)

and here's how they look at the end

We're running short of resin again so we have to buy one more batch. 

Total work time to date: 571 hours

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