Monday, June 5, 2017

Still glassing the akas

Four hours of work this week end, still glassing the akas piece by piece. Those are 6 big and heavy planks and one has to glass one side at a time, so it takes time. Here's a pic showing resin and hardener (about 350 cc in total) in a cup before mixing. The mixing ratio is checked with an electronic scale and a precomputed table. I hope this doesn't bring bad luck, but we have never screwed up the resin proportions...

On Friday we glassed the lower faces of both forward swing arms.

On saturday we glassed the doubler of the rear aka. Here it is before

and after.

Finally, on sunday we glassed the remaining sections. The forward aka is waiting for fiberglassing (upper face) in the background.

Total work time to date: 575 hours

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